Taunton – A Rough Choice

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I personally live in Taunton, and have done for all my life. And I must admit, over the past 5 years, Taunton is becoming Chav City!!

When I was young, there was only two nightclubs, Kingstons (now Rileys) and Dellars and there were the good old family pubs. Now there are drink houses like Yates, etc….. not mentioning the nightclubs… theres Dellars, Aura, Life, loads!!! (I might join the trend and open one myself!)

You open the paper, and he got glassed, and she got glassed. Now they are even considering plastic bottles to be sold in drink houses – what is Taunton coming to?

Oh Yeah, as for those young’n chavs, theres Rileys which I practically live next to. It is THE social club for young chavs!!!

By day, down my road, there are literally chavs and chavettes everywhere – all in their puffa jackets, burberry, tracks, hoddies, etc… The worst time of year is during the school holidays – that is when it is at its peak. Largley because of Rileys.

My neighbourhood is dominated by Chavs, most first floors are rented out to people, and most are rented out by chavs and their chavettes!

Oh, and at night, all you can hear is either slags shouting their heads off at each other.. chavs shouting down the road… guys having a good old punch up.. or the sound of police cars…

I have just left Ladymead Community College, completing my secondary education – without failing any of my subjects [C+] (which I am quite surprised as most of my GCSE years was dominiated by fighting and fear..)

I started Ladymead in 2000. During the first year, the school was great. However, when Mr Beer came, all was about to change – Ladymead became gangland. When I was in year 9, Ladymead began to accumulate more violent chavs.

Everyday, afterschool, there would be the local chav gangs, opposite the road, with the chavettes pushing their prams, burberrys, tracks and puffas. The school even had to employ the police to ensure that there was no fights – even though that didn’t work. I even remember one time, they had a gang face off which called for a police cordon – how rough can it get?

I think the last two years of my time at Ladymead would be the worst (although the school is deteriorating as I speak). When I was there, I was sent to hospital once, and advised to go to hospital once. Most of my friends had been in to hospital, once or twice. Why?? Because of pack of wolves stype Chav rumbles. How rough can it get – we had police protection during our last day at Ladymead!

Recently, Ladymead hit the headlines – those who are able to watch the south west news would have probably heard of it. Ladymead had a general uprising, which involved Taunton police, after they had proposed an 10m cut to the lunch hour, increasing lesson transition time. There was even a photo in the paper with all the main chavs stickin their middle fingers up at the camera, with the police car in the background.

If you live in Taunton, and you don’t want your kids to become proper violent chavs, don’t send them to Ladymead! It is THE chavs’ school.

As for chav estates, there is a variety for you to choose from… Part of this, largley contributes for the violence that occured back at Ladymead…

PRYLAND – About 100yards down the road from Ladymead. A large council estate, housing many hundreds of chavs. Shouldn’t be visited. I once caught a bus there, and the number of chavs that got on!!! – they were such a nuisance, Id rather walk now! Home to many teen mums. I don’t know about now, but when I was in year 9, most of the slapping chavettes came from here.

LADYMEAD – Right opposite Ladymead School. This is another chav estate, full of council houses. This is where most of the chavs that hang opposite the school live. Very rough! Also home to many teen mums. Many young slappers live in this area.

PRISWOOD – Quite near to where I live. Renowned for the ‘Guvner Of Priswood’ – a chav that recently got an asbo for going around with a baseball bat and beatin’ people up. Again, a very large council estate, with hundreds of chav families. One of my friends, who had a baby when she was just 14 came from there. One time when I was back from a friend’s house, I nearly got hit by a flying bottle – with the police already there! This is where most of the violent chavs come from.

HOLWAY – Council estate, rough area and has been for quite a while. This is where the chavs that turn up at Hankeridge Farm in their Escorts and Novas, with chavettes with their fags and booze at night.

ROMAN ROAD – Recently I went to a newsagents in town with my friend who wanted to buy a lottery ticket. As I waited, I noticed an ad on the window – Property to let, etc, etc, ‘not on roman road’. Says alot really, dosen’t it? Roman Road has hit the papers for its roughness, and drugs problems. This is another place, that has a high number of violent chavs. Not so much chavettes though. This, again, is another chav family neighbourhood and should strictly not be inhabited by the normal person.

GREENWAY ROAD – This is just up the road from me, and thanks to the cheap housing, it has attracted alot of young chavs that have just been kicked out from home. Quite a rough area, not so much a community of chavs, but still a rather shoddy neighbourhood – smashed in windows, dirty front gardents, etc.. However the road is long, and it does get posher the further up you go.

CHIP LANE – Home to the postal sorting office, this is the rough side of Staplegrove (which is posh the further away you are from the town, but rougher the near you are). Many young women have been either assulted, or raped here, and the area is common for attacks. Shouldn’t be visited alone.

ROWBARTON – Now this is where I live. Behind me, there are about half a dozen streets, which are alright as they are mainly inhabited by the shy and retiring, however right behind that, is a rather large council estate – this is THE chav housing central of Rowbarton. I have a few chav friends, and that is where they hang out. Says alot really, not so much violent, nice housing, etc. However, it houses alot of young slappers. On my road, there is Rileys – social club for Pryland, Ladymead, Priswood, Rowbarton, Cheddon, Norton, chavs and chavettes. My road, houses many rented rooms to young chavs and chavettes. Not so long ago, one of the rented rooms, was used as a storage for nicked property.

That is about it in terms of chav/ette estates.

In Taunton, chavs aren’t much different to the stereotypical chavs. In Taunton, chavs come in many different flavas, mainly covered in labels. In gerneral, these are the main falvas – hoodies and bootcut jeans with football style trainers; baseball cap + puffa jacket + tracks; hoddie + baseball cap + tracks; polo t-shirt + baseball cap; Parka jacket + baggies; vest + knee high shorts. 80% carry snooker cues. Nost that many wear earings, but do wear neck bling.

As for the chavettes (also mainly found in labels) – parka jackets + jeans with trainers; white hoddie + denim jacket + jeans; hoodie + miniskirt; low cut top + denim jacket + cropped jeans + boots; pinstriped trousers + jumper. 90% carry handbags. Most wear hoops (I estimate about 65%), rings and neck bling.

For the Holway chavs and chavettes, they are lucky to be close to ASDA.

As for Pryland, Priswood, and Ladymead, they have Co-op.

All Greenway Road, Pryland, Ladymead, Rowbarton, Roman Road, etc, have access to Lidls. Oh, and I suppose they have resonable access to Tescos. They also have fairly good access to Sainsburys and Morrisions, however, the prices are too high for them.

Most newsagents rely on tobacco sales to keep them alive – and boy do they have them!

As for bling, there is a huge Argos store up in town.

As for the gear, the chav/ettes should consider themselves lucky. They can choose JJB, Sports Soccer, and the many other shops down South Road in town.

As for the chavette (i suppose chav as well), there is Ann Summers!!! You ought to see the number of chavettes and their babes that go in and out of that place each day!

I am very considerate about chav/ette nutrition – and they are extremely lucky to be able to have access to the best. Holway and Roman Road chav/ettes can choose McDonalds. Rowbarton, Pryland, Priswood, Greenway Road, etc, have great access to the local chippy.

Chav/ettes in town that live it up, often choose McDonalds, and sometimes Burger King – in which once they have finished, they are only metres away from the next drinking house.

As for chav/ettes coming back from clubbing, go down station road, and theres a dozen kebabs waiting for them!!!

Drinking Places
Chav/ettes can choose from the riverside near Morrisions; Vivary Park; Town Centre (parade); Goodlands Park; Station Road; Kingston Road; Priswood Park (and estate)… to be quite honest, there is no limitation as to where they go!!

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