Tamerton Foliot, quant village in Plymouth with a growing problem

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Tamerton Foliot is a small village near two of the chaviest areas in Plymouth; Southway and Whitleigh.  Unfortunatetly as the infestation grows around it, it has started growing into it.  I have lived there for about 7 to 8 years, and i remember the days when i used to be able to walk up to the school for scouts (about an 8 minute walk) without a worry in the world.  A couple of waves here and there from those you knew.  There is also a lovely annual carnival.

Though today c***s have bred and thrived within it.  When i attempt to walk to the school, or near it, they are everywhere.  First there are three pubs in close proximity and there is usually a couple of young pale faced puffter c***s attempting to get alcohol and if it is match day there are loud abusive chants.  Next is the post office.  A couple of these skinny ones are outside waiting for the 16 year old mate to get them some fags.  Inside chavettes flock the magazines and sweets, stealing anything possible.  Also they tend to eye up and giggle anything on legs that enters (even to the extent of following you on your daily business when you clearly ignore them).  The staff are dimwitted but normal citizens.  Unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster with the c***s.

Shop assistant: ‘Thats ur’
C**v: ‘Whut Lloyd? No I aint fockin gettin you any fags’
Shop assistant: ‘one pound eighty-three pence’
C**v: ‘A’ight bay’
(hands over cash walks out)

Now quite often they under pay or over pay due to lack of intelligence, then come back an hour later complaining about the money.  The shop assistant didnt take any notice and argues back.  Thus ending with a banned c**v that now waits outside for his mates to buy his stuff.  Consequently the shop is now more menacing to walk by…

Having passed chavy gimps on bicycles or the ones outside the chinese, avoiding glances before the big groups of 20 + decide you are threatening them, you get to the school.  On the roof, in the field or on the playground they are playing, screwing, scrapping or abusing themselves with drugs.  Then during all the parts of the scout group evening (beavers 6-8 years, cubs 8-10, scouts 10-14) they are sad enough to press their faces against the glass and watch.  About 2 hours later they might rip their face off of it and shout a few rude words or make abusive gestures. Two minutes later they go off to a park where they screw chavettes or each other.

Though one nice thing thats happened is the police rounds.  Now there are 2 policewoman and a policeman that walk about Tamerton, splitting up the crews, stopping the assualts and fining the lads that are buying fags or alcohol.  So maybe one day they might back off, or surely they will just keep growing like in keyham or north prospect.

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