Living in Torquay, Devon

Torquay is the place where the chav culture originated

The people who are lucky to escape the ghetto often find themselves struggling in the real world outside of Torquay.

Living in Castle Bromwich, Solihull

Castle Bromwhich is a s******e to live in

The police in Castle Bromwich are useless, I still hear pit bikes going around all day and all night.

Living in Dereham, Norfolk

Dereham – More like Drearam. Stay away if you’re not a local

Poor Dereham, it's so run down. Why visit? Go to Norwich it's more cosmopolitan. It serves no purpose really.

Living in Clem Attlee Court, Fulham

Clem Attlee Court, Fulham, full of wannabe boxers and gangsters

Clem attlee court, a council estate off of the rubbish laden north end road. A breeding ground for scum and villainy, full of wannabe boxers and gangsters.

Living in Braunton, Devon

Braunton posh!? I don’t think so!

Braunton at first glance, would appear to be the nicest, friendliest village in Devon. After living here, I can tell you it's all bullshit!