Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Weoley Castle, Birmingham

    Weoley Castle, Birmingham: it’s rough, Weoley, Weoley rough

  2. Living in Houghton le Spring, Tyne and Wear

    Houghton Le Spring (Sunderland) What can I say!

  3. Living in Rhyl, Wales

    Rhyl is one of the most disgusting seaside resorts on Earth

  4. Living in Bolsover

    Bolsover: at night it becomes a typical chav sh*thole

  5. Living in Bridgwater, Somerset

    Bridgwater, take your time driving through (with the doors locked)

  6. Living in Pewsey, Wiltshire

    Pewsey: see the townies in their kevved-up Fiat Puntos by the Co-op

  7. Living in Southend, Essex

    Southend-on-Sea, a sorry little grief hole on the Essex coast

  8. Living in Kirkby

    Kirkby – Merseyside (what a sh*thole!)

  9. Living in Bury St Edmunds

    Bury St Edmunds a lovely town. Whooa! Let’s stop right there shall we!

  10. Living in Wigan

    Wigan – where hell once froze over… and then it rained constantly

  11. Living in Belper

    Belper, known as “Brown Town” for its off-the-scale drug problem

  12. Living in Carlisle, Cumbria

    Carlisle, so bad the Scots don’t want it back!