Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Whitstable, Kent

    Whitstable: get drunk, smell of fish and nearly get into 5 fights

  2. Living in Torquay, Devon

    Torquay the English Sh*tty-Area

  3. Living in Farnham, Surrey

    Farnham – Surrey’s snootiest town

  4. Living in Andover, Hampshire

    Andover: gulag of Hampshire

  5. Living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

    Cheltenham: As posh as a pot noodle

  6. Living in Padiham, Lancashire

    Padiham: the skid mark of Lancashire

  7. Living in Bourne, Lincolnshire

    Bourne aka Deliverance

  8. Living in Droylsden, Greater Manchester

    Why Droylsden is Sh*t: Part 1

  9. Living in Torquay, Devon

    Torquay: The English Chavopolis

  10. Living in Levenshulme, Greater Manchester

    Levenshulme: The Great Scally-Hipster War

  11. Living in Farnborough, Hampshire

    Farnborough: where dreams come to die

  12. Living in Llanelli, Wales

    Llanelli – will it ever move with the times? No.