Living in Desborough, Northamptonshire

Desborough – It amazes me how much inbreeding there is

Do not move to Desborough or Rothwell. You will not be welcome. You will only be accepted if your girlfriend is also your sister.

Living in Aylesham, Kent

Aylesham is a village of Anti-Conservatives and racists

Aylesham has recently gone through a delightful upgrade to the anger of the local residents, who don't like "new bas*ards" in the village.

Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk

Lowestoft, the boil on the arse of Britain

Want to see how bad inbreeding can get? Then come to Lowestoft. It makes the characters in the film Deliverance look like members of Mensa.

Living in Burscough

Burscough’s Bad Breeding

Burscough the incest capital of Britain. They say everyone is related in Burscough. It is littered with ugly, deformed children everywhere!