Written by Anonymous. Posted in South London

Oh yes the beauty and glamour of sydenham, the place to be seen. If you’re a chav. All you have to do is get off the train at Penge East station and welcome to Chaville!
You don’t have to go far to find the best chav hang outs, as soon as you walk out of the station you will find chavs hanging around the bridge. These super stylish chav boys with jeans halfway down their arse showing off their boxer shorts. Oh and don’t forget the girls with their pulled back hair, too much make up and gold hoop earrings. Yes the chavs here come with all the ‘bling’.
If you are not already desperate for the next train home or traumatised by the overload of chavness you can venture beyond to another chav hang out, the corner of Venner Road… Oh yes… Again you will have blinged up chavs!
If you are feeling brave enough to take a trip to Syndenham High Street be prepared for more chaviness than you could ever imagine! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! You’ll possibly hear them before you see them with phrases such as ‘INNIT?!?!’ and don’t look at them because they’ll jus have a go and yell ‘WHATCHERLOOKINAAAAT?’.
I used to be lucky enough to live in this Chav Paradise… It’s gettin worse and worse!

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