Swindon – Chavistani’s

South WestWiltshire

Swindon has continued it’s decline as the a**e-pit of England, most notably thanks to Swindon Borough council, who have accelerated C**v breeding with their countless hair-brained schemes.   The most obvious being the town centre, or what locals refer to as ‘pound-land’.

Anyway, enough about that. The reason for this post is the farcical rise of a new breed of C***s. The ‘chavistani’.  These little hyenas hang around in packs and try to intimidate people with their slick LA wear, complete with handkerchief neck ties, gold plated ‘Ratners’ chains (almost touching the floor as these street monkeys never touch 5ft 2in) Evisu (very un-cool) jeans and Wiltshire cross Goan attitude. Hilarious!!! I challenge you not to check out Facebook and not p*ss your pants laughing when you see these little street urchins posing in this gear. Hilarious!!!!

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