Swindon – at school

South WestWiltshire

Swindon, maybe the ********* place on earth. Where the sky is a constant grey, and you just can’t escape the nike tracksuits or the addidas trainers. And at school, its all the same.

Just to prove how sad these ***** are, they do exactly like one and other, the p.e. changing room reaks of lynx chocolate, prehaps their “leader” hasn’t realised that it dosent smell like chocolate AT ALL.

After getting handed 10 to 20 out of uniform slips they will strut their stuff in their “£50” trainers, yeh shure, thats what sports soccer says, “£10.50, reduced a billion percent from £55”, as they are stupid enough to think they have grabbed a cool bargin i say WELL DONE to all stores in swindon, as they have ripped of some ***** money, after all they only get it of their benifits.

How grim is your Postcode?

They will only be anywhere when they are with at least 20 people, and if you bump into a single one in a corridor they will move out of your way and hope no one was watching. Anything you do or say that dose not worship the religion of **** will be offending their gods of “fakeness, hate and fear”. Its obvious they are weak as they stand around in their massive groups and pick on the weakest kids.

Now, “fights”, this is the time you’ve gotta be around. The “bad man” kids, will “arange” ( think of the weakest person) a fight. The “gangster” will have half the school on his side, and the other will have his five friends and the pet toad he kept from disection in science. As the group rushes into each other, they will form a ring. Proceded by the two staring at each other, with various “if you touch my twelth cosins best friends brother i will batter you”s. Nothing will happen and the **** will be stuck in iceolation. If anything dose happen, the **** will land 50 punches in their face and the person wont even feel anything. But the **** will be excluded.

What i really wanted to say is that ***** in swindon are funny, they are stupid, follow each other and will never land a punch to save their 30 year old granny. Also, penhill is a trash-hole and i feel sorry as i no a few non ***** that live there.

Thanks for reading, more is coming =P

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