South WestWiltshire

**** me, where do I start? I trundled down the M4 from London to get some work – which was easy as it appears most people my age are sitting on their **** butts milking it off the DSS. The centre of town is positively heaving with 14 yr old **** girls ( all ugly as **** ) with their screaming little brats doing **** all but shouting at each other and nicking DVD’S to play on their nicked DVD players. The architecture in Swindon sums up the ***** – cheap, tacky, transitional and most of all, ******* disgusting.

I only live about 100 metres from the centre of Swindon and try as much as possible to avoid the centre of town because every time I go there some greasy **** in a nylon track suit asked me for 69p for the bus. Why the **** 69p? Obviously all they think of is bringing more ‘orrible ***** into the world so that they can milk more money off the Government. Even on a rainy monday morning the place is ******** with the greasy little bastards milling around the pound shop yelling at each other, have they got anything better to do? The name Swindon originates from Swine Down – which basically says it all. They say this place has one of the lowest crime rates in England I think thats because the ***** here are too ******* stupid to get off there tattoed butts to going and earn a living, even if it involves crime. The best chavometer you can get is to count the amount of young girls in town pushing prams around on any given day – on that count Swindon is up there with Bristol, Margate, Bournemouth, Weymouth et al. I used to have positive thoughts in my head now all I can think about is inviting Osama down to Swinedown to test run some of his firecrackers. If I sound negative it’s because I am stuck in this godforsaken ******** because of my bloody job – It is difficult being a Social Worker at the best of times!

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