Having lived in the town for the past 21 and a half years, i have always known this town to be a ****-hole. but most recently i have noticed a far worse fate for this former rail-way town, it is ****-Paradise! Being a rocker, i have always dispised this sort of person!
Looking around the town centre, it’s very easy to see why this is a living ****-Hole, all you see is young, single teenage mothers pushing around push-chairs, going into the local Maccy D’s looking to grease up for their latest feed.
there’s not really a particular **** hang-out spot here, as they are everywhere, but if i was to pin-point a certain area, Penhill would be the one. Full of council-house estates and off-licenses, this is the part of Swindon which is most talked about for it’s vandalism and violence, not to mention the fact that it just runs along one big road, Penhill Drive. full of little kiddies in their **** unifrom bought from the McArthur Glen Outlet Village, they all congrigate in their little "crews" shouting abuse at passers by, starting small fires and breaking windows!

as for the Mod-*****, the place for this is the McDonalds Drive-Thru car park in the small shopping complex called Greenbridge Retail Park (yes, they have an Argos and JJB Sports!), this is where all the ***** with their modded Nova’s and Corsa’s hang out revving their filthy engines thinking that people will actually be impressed by their 1.2 litres! you can’t fail to notice the group of capped idiots there everytime you visit, especially at around 8pm, as this is the time they all come out to ****!

so on closing, i think that Swindon is one of the most Chavved out places in the country, as there are many of these stupid little ******* lining the streets without jobs, ********* of society, tkaing my hard-earned tax money!

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