swansea,chaviest place on earth


i’ve lived in swansea all of my life and  i have to say of all the places ive been to, the c***s in my home town are the worst.
the most popular hangout is the city centre high st,the job centre is located here and its close to dyfatty flats, full of heroin addicts. walking down high st in the day is bad enough but at night you’re taking your life into your hands,the city centre is full of c***s especially on a monday, 15 year old girls with those piercings above their lips ,pack out primark with their prams ,greggs bakeries are another favourite to get their brats their pasties,oxford st is full of them , gangs of c***s with prams outside the 99p shop and of course soccer sports,if it wasn’t for c***s i dont think soccer sports would be open , the c***s go there for their tracksuits and nike air max trainers,and of course to buy the latest trainers in c**v style for their babies.all the c**v girls have yellow hair, elizabeth duke earrings, and about 40 rings on each finger,guaranteed every sentence they speak ends in the word MUSH,im hoping to move out of this s******e soon as its really starting to get me down, me and my mates dont even drink much in the city centre any more, because of the amount of c***s,thank god for the new sa1 development, otherwise we’d have nowhere to go, any body considering visiting this pit don’t bother, you wont be missing anything.

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