Has anyone ever been to a small ‘seaside’ town of Swansea?? Well trust me, if you have, you wouldn’t remember it because the experience would have traumatised you for life, and it would now permanently be blocked from your memory! I’m not talking bout anything life-threatening (although don’t be surprised if it was)….just the fact that theres nothing worse than living in/visiting a town full of the scum of the earth..chavs!!! Where fake Burberry caps and Reebok classics are the trend for the chavs and Burberry handbags with hooped gold earrings with a sprog is a must for the chavettes. Chavs in Swansea tend to dine in the best places their DSS cheques can buy, “Maccy D’s” is of course their first choice where they can have intelligent conversations in the car parks with the rest of their “crew” and discuss their new cabbaretta or exhaust their “supped” up clios and Novas have been corroded with. Other haunts you may see a chav at are of course the bus stops, the council even noticed that chavs liked the shelter of bus stops and not use the buses so they came up with an ingenious idea of building bus stop shelters which aren’t on any bus roots just so a bunch of social cancerous chavs can stand in and smoke L&B fags and spit green grenogs all over. These are the usual places you can spot a chav during anytime of the day however those who have been saving up their DSS go into town on the weekend to go into the crappy pubs and clubs that will accepts all Gimps, places such as “quids” where your guaranteed to get some abuse and a glassing. If you’re looking for dirty slags aka chavettes then this is the place to go! After a few rounds of cheap booze they stumble up to Saturday night escape, where chavs will pay totally overpriced entry and drinks inside.
Chavs in Swansea are really taking over the whole place and every car park accessible, they can even be spotted down lakes at anytime of the day and night and also go up deserted mountains and rev up their engines because its “coooool”. The only way to see how atrocious this city is for chavs is to visit it yourself, im sure you won’t be disappointed with the amount of hats worn at funny angles!

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