Living in Swansea
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in United Kingdom, Wales

Swansea shitty city. It has lovely coastal areas and beaches… shame about the rest which includes the football hooligan racist culture and small minds womanisers, working for the weekend type of night life that is filled to the brim with orange tanned short skirt, false nails and eye lashes, wearing bintola’s, that think of nothing more than their image.

Then you have the other culture which pretty much have given up on life…live in the job centre trying to blag more money for nothing off the tax payer for more heroin.

Very sad times in Swansea right now…and job prospects are nil and void..unless you want to work in a rip off sales call centre or some shitty bar or cafe burger flipping greasy spoon shop.

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  • Andrew Robertson

    I lived in Swansea for a number of years in my late teens and early twenties back in the 90’s as a student and have extremely fond memories of the place. Yes, no doubt there is a rough element to the city but on the whole (based on a recent visit) is still has the charm of a seaside town with some spectacular scenery and wide open beautiful spaces. One thing that did disturb me was that areas just outside the city centre that used to be quite vibrant and colourful now look down-at-heel and a little sad. What a shame. The vast majority of people are still lovely and amazingly welcoming. I have not lost my faith in Swansea.

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