Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Well, well, well.  Seeing Swadlincote is a case of believing because no one would have known that this quiet suburban little town could be about to burst at the seams and, in doing so, unleash (or rather, vomit out) its entire population (or a collective noun being swarm) of ***** to the unsuspecting nation.
The reason for such a huge amount of ***** congregating in one area is because of the dirty school situated in the middle of poor swad that has recently burnt down its sixth form centre (not a joke) by, funnily enough a **** and his little ****** friends just being introduced to electrical cables.
Another reason is for the amount of demeaning, low wage and basically, horrible jobs that people with no qualifications have to do (i call these people the Peasants and/or **** parents)
These parents, lazy by nature were born in swad and shall never leave.  They are usually spotted by their hair.  for women the hair is often unbrushed and was bleached 2 years ago and has never been touched since.  for men, the hair is very short, however hair doesnt matter because, in both cases it is usually covered by a baseball cap.
However i dont want to blame just swad for this amount of degenerates, much of the blame is neighbouring village newhall where the ASBO families and their equally horrible Damiens are dropped by the prison services, the council or running away from ex boyfriends. 
Most of the newhallians swarm around swad town centre because it is just a walk away and they cant afford cars or buses.  If they choose to stay in newhall, most congregate at newhall park, where last week someone got stabbed (fun and games, ull agree)
Id like to finish with a quote my friend (and, ironically a newhallian) gave me:

“if you see a teenage girl who hasn’t got a baby then she’s pregnant or just been robbed by a ****”

This should be on a welcome banner for swad, just like “Arbeit Macht Frei” over Auschwitz. 

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