Sutton, Surrey

Sutton has been **** heaven for years now. The rude boys and girls can be found ******* outside the St Nicolas shopping centre or being abusive to anyone that wanders into McDonalds (Macedees, to the ****!) Boys, were full **** atire, jeans, baseball caps fake burberry and reebok classics. collars always worn up. In true south central style they appear to be shot in the left leg and talk like their nuts are being squeezed. Oh *** is ******* out of mouth to the side, and extra large earphones are always worn wether listening to da hardcore or not… that case they swing round there neck………can of stella makes a feel ****..

…the **** will use a mountain (preferably nicked) bike to get about, and will finish the outfit by using wearing an item of bling with a ganga leaf or nike motif.
Now for the ladies, they made the sutton facelift famous, always pulled so tight back they will be bald soon. Some are starting to have braids as xtra chavet statement. Bling is from the Elizabeth Duke counter at Argos, and the more the chavier! Initial rings, Hollograms, dancing clowns, you will not be disappointed spotting the ******** in sutton. They will wear tight trousers sitting on hips with trim stomach or not, and usually a slogan tshirt with the words “*****, or playboy”. Short skirts are only worn without tights for xtra corned beef effect on their legs. They usually wear shoes that have a pattern paying homage to burberry or louis vuitton…..sutton chavets can’t get enough of it. They hang around in groups and hassle the ***** offering them out if they even look at them the wrong way. They end up ******* out with the older **** who drives around racing other cars at the weekend. Neon lights are a popular addition to the rear windscreen


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