Sutton Park (Hull)

North EastYorkshire

Sutton Park – the lovely little private housing estate (unfortunately in the HU7 postcode are like Bransholme) where all neighbours get along – or it would be if it wasn’t situated next to Bransholme, and because the people off bransholme don’t like stealing from their own kind they bring their scaggy little arses over to Sutton Park to break into residents garages & steal their motor bikes and cars so they can smash them over the speed bumps around hull. If it wasn’t for the Community Cop shop at Roebank road shopping centre (bransholme) then going to the shops would be much more pleasant – but because of the Cop Shop the little **** bastards come to sutton park for their White Magic cider and if you don’t “go in shop for me mate” then about 15 of the burberry wearing little ***** kick your ******* head in. (i have been asked many times – so i know) and then to top it all off you have “North Point Shopping Centre” or “Branny Centre” as the local’s call it, it boasts three cash machine’s which ****’s love to wait near for someone to take some money out so they can rob them – right next to that is the breeding ground of hull ****’s that is “Winifred Holtby School Technology College” (they though it would sound better when they got the Technology College status but it didn’t) and to finish – Pizza Hut/Dominos won’t deliver to this estate because of the HU7 (bransholme) postcode. – SCAGGY BASTARDS!!!!

Sutton Park is a lovely estate but you do get some **** from bransolme ruining it – not everyone from bransholme is ****, you do get some hard working nice people that dont deserve to be slagged off – and i went winifred holtby – i have a **** job (£10,000 aa year) but i’m still classed as a sucsess story

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