North EastYorkshire

Sutton has to be the shitest chaviest place in the whole of north and west yorkshire. it absolutly “SHOCKING” of the outskirts of keighley were the BURBERRY factory is situated.The average Sutton wedding usually consists of Groom (with SUTTON/ENGLAND tatooed on his neck) staggering down the high street still ‘stella’d’ up from the night before to his heavily pregnant chain smoking ‘bird’usually called WENDY, getting married then after several fights the groom is carted home and the bride can be found with the best man.

A place where “our lass” means both sister and girlfriend.

The favorite place for a ****/****’s to “HANG” is in nearly every bus stop, street corner or in the park shelters especially in Glusburn and Sutton, and in 1 shop called “THE KORNER”or near the CHIPPY. The prime time to find them is on Friday Night out side the Spar were 15 yr old girls get served for alcohol, and they are all fucked out of their head!!!

In Sutton there is even a brothel situated at number XX Gordon Street 01535 636XXX. and if you wont to find the older generation of ****’s you will have to go down there or even get to royd hill.

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