sutton-in-ashfield is **** a sub culture

Sutton-in-Ashfield nestled in the hart of the north Nottinghamshire country side, the town I call home if anyone ever asks me were I come from. when I am soaking up the sun and drinking a nice cold beer in a distant land far away from the United Chavdom of Great Britain, love it or hate it S-in-A is the town I was born and raised although I left the so said place 15 years ago now for life in warmer climates I used to return for visits on a  regular basis but alas I have not been back for two years now, why you ask me, the place just gets worse and worse it is like a cancer on the very earth itself, eating away at the fabric of all things English  But having stated how I feel about the place here is the paradox I do miss this cesspit of a town even though it is full of smack heads and so called *****  it still has lot of nice decent people living there, and some very colorful characters. The night life would not be the best in the area but you can still go out and have a good laugh .Anyway just few of my own observations on the *****, **** is not new to the u.k it goes back as far as the 1920s but I will start from the 60s, in the 60s we had the mods and rockers, in the 70s we had the punks and rockers and in the 80s and 90s we had the ravers and football hooligans there has always been some sub culture of gangs in the u.k it is our genetic make up to form gangs or (tribes), we are a island nation of tribes who have been fighting each other or other nations for the past 2000 years or so.
***** is just a label every group has to be labeled by the press or government, I agree the ***** must be the worst group of sub culture since the 60s but mainly because of the way they dress, and their total lack of style I once saw a **** in a full Burburry fake track suit with the obligatory matching baseball cap. The way that they dress is in-itself the worse anti social  behavior they partake in. But that’s just my own opinion  Has for the *****  behavior in society I do not see it any differently from any other youth groups in the last 30 years or so apart from the criminal element of robbing and stealing and the explosion of teenage pregnancy, because  the other sub cultures I have mentioned above briefly, used to fight and indulge in drink and drugs, I  am not condoning the ***** or defending them I just wanted to put my own perspective on the situation but then its easy for me to have my view  I do not have to live with them. But then I could be wrong is **** a sub culture? Or is it just the culture or England’s youth of today if so about 90%or Britain’s youth are *****. Comments please
*NOTE* the word **** or chavies was used in the Sutton -in-Ashfield area, circa late 80s and early 90s to describe or talk to someone who was younger than you ( i.e. Go away ya young ****) I think the daily tabloid THE SUN hijacked the word and got it wrong has they do everything else.

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