Sutton in Ashfield **** Welfare ****

East MidlandsNottinghamshire

Sutton in Ashfield boasts many things….

Second from last in the education league tables, one of the countries highest rates of teenage pregnancy & and sexualy transmitted desease, and double the national average of welfare spongers. Not to mention the town’s famous ‘scab miners’ in the 80’s.

I have yet to see a local male 30 years or below without a cap, blue ‘trackies’ and prison whites. They also sport the classic **** face, mouth always open and bottom lip sagging yet protruding. This look has taken years of inbreeding and lack of education to perfect.

The local accent is almost is almost impossible to understand, it is sounds like a gutteral version of a ‘honking’ seal. This is never done at a reasonable volume every noise must be shouted as loud as possible. The volume is especially loud when swearing-most of the time!

Children are taught to swear before they’ve eaten their first microchip. The single mothers while away hours in Asda swearing at their children and piling up the trolleys with processed filth and vodka WKDs.

Local pastimes include, sponging, swearing, smoking & drinking. The parents do the same!

My previous neighbour, single mother Shazza could hardly contain her, joy when 12 year old Kylie finally became pregnant by 38year old glue sniffer Baz. Extra benefits all round, they might be able to afford that staffy puppy at last. Then they’ve made it.

My latest neighbour doesn’t send her son to school, he’s nine years old. She can’t be arsed to get up that early. Anyway the ‘little twat’ has ADD. She also couldn’t see why she should give up smoking and drinking just because she was pregnant! When boyfriend Gaz comes around the ‘little bastard’ has to go to his room and listen to his Crazy Frog CD. He’s got to ‘get off his face’ have an arguement and then beat up the girlfriend because shes been ‘shagging around’.

These are actualy real people. What is worse the whole town consists of more of the same. They are loud, rude, foul mouthed and stupid. Hell, they are even officialy stupid! They are proud of their stupidity.

They are an utterly despicable breed with no aspirations whatsoever…aside from ‘getting off their face’.

Why do they bother existing?

Remember, all tracksuits are flammable!

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