Sutton alias Slutton

South EastSouth LondonSurrey

This is truly a hideous place! God, even to bad to describe. The first thing that one notices as you wae out into the highstreet is the sea of baseball caps, nickelson shirts, kappa popups and bling. The high street starts at the top of hill with the trainstation(yuk) and meanders down to the bottom with a wonderful array of chavy shops to help us pass the time!!
An example of these:
Morgan: slaggy polyester clthes for chavettes
Buzz: A C**v mecca: Nickelson, Versace, D&G, Burberry etc..
99p stores: A six pack a Lawger for nuffin ain’t it?
McDonalds x2 : self explanitory
Wilkinsons: Another bargain basement
And numerous other atrocities…

The people of sutton are possibly amongst the stupidest on earth. During a recent visit to safeways, the slackjawed moron of a cashier, faced with a bag of Passionfruit asked me te question in classical glottlestop englidh
‘What are these? Plums??’

I think it is fair to conclude that Sutton deserves to be amongst the realms of the c**v towns!!

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