The London Borough of Sutton used to be a nice place, for those that can remember the 80’s and early 90’s.

Then struck the disease, the infection that is **** culture. Take a strole into the high street at any time and you’ll soon see what I loathe so much about the place. McDonalds is always a ‘good’ place to start to see the ***** in their natural environment, purched on the benches outside, trousers tucked into socks, white baseball caps at 45 degree angles, sporting some of classier brand names such as Hackett and Nickelson.

The fun doesn’t stop when night falls either believe you me! The high street becomes lined with ‘L’ plate equipped mopeds and some of the fastest Nova’s known to man.

How grim is your Postcode?

Head to the top of the high street and you are immediately drawn to establishments that ooze class. The likes of the Litten Tree and the Moon On The Hill are packed to the rafters with Sutton’s finest, where you’re sure to witness nothing but friendly, welcoming, smartly-dressed young people ‘of legal drinking age’.

After the delights of the public houses, you’d be fool to miss out on some of the capitals finest nightclubs! The likes of Legends, New York New York and of course the world-renowned upstairs of Litten Tree will have you partying well into the morning.

Thankfully I had the sense to escape the delightful South London Borough, only occasionally visiting stranded family members and old friends. My advice – avoid at all costs. I even prefer Croydon to Sutton!

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