Sudbury – Yet another c**v town

East AngliaSuffolk

Sudbury is a town which seems to have grown very quickly and engulphed the village of cornard, so much so that you cant actually tell when you have left one and entered the other. Sudbury is the next big town after the other C**v capital, Haverhill. In both these places they seem to breed c***s. There are c***s of all ages walkin around all hooded up.
I have the so called pleasure (i use tht term loosely) of playing football in Cornard and it amazes me that every tuesday the same group of c***s is always there just “hanging” around. We play on astroturf round the back of a school which is well away from any roads but the c***s still manage to get there beat-up ford fiesta down there and mo-peds, trying to impress people by doin laps of the school.
I admitadly have friends in sudbury because obviously not evry1 over there is a chavm but its very close to tht. But these friends of mine tell me many stories of c***s and fights. There is an estate called the Springlands (i think) and my informants tell me tht almost evry wheeley bin has been melted by, u guessed it, c***s! The Springlands is apparently c**v central in sudbury. I also here stories of girls beating up boys.
There is also a huge rivalry between Haverhill (my hometown) and Sudbury, this rivalry is only taken on by c***s. It all started really because Haverhill has always had a reputation and if you go to surrounding areas and people start on you but if you say your from haverhill they will stop through fear, but this is not the case in sudbury, u say your from haverhill and they will start on you because they think it will make them “hard” for beatin up a haverhill lad.
Neway, after all i have heard about sudbury i was suprised to find that it wasnt already on this website.

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