Sudbury Suffolk (again..)

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If you serch for Sudbury then no doubt you’ll have read my previous Sudbury article so you basically know about the place.

Basically thought I would give a kind of update in case anyone was interested, also I know people have read this so I’d better give them something new to read (Button).

I have to report: No change, if anything the ***** have got worse! The summer seems to drag them out in great number with even more bling and ‘wicked cider innit’. So now instead of seeing the odd **** or two ******* round outside a chippy you now have hoards of them ‘cruisin’ round town getting in the bloody way all the time and giving a ever so threatening ‘ya mum’ everytime anyone happens to glance in their general direction. If this wasn’t bad enough anyway, having tons of them all over the place means you can’t look anywhere with out seeing one unless you want to wear.. oh I don’t know, a empty Carling box on your head 😉 I think we should all start making ourselves really known to them, if there is a so called **** hangout place then a big group of us rockers (or goths, punks, skaters, alternatives or anyone) should turn up, take over, ignor them like the **** that they are and then if they start to argue or fight, rip the piss out of them then if they insist on a fight, who can refuse! They’re a bunch of useless weakling wannabe gangsters.

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