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I have only lived here a year, on the infamous springlands estate, more commonly known as springhole, as someone has thoughtfully sprayed on the bridge near my house.
Over the past year I’ve seen enough to make me realise I should have stayed away, the broken glass on every footpath is always a reassuring sight that I’m nearing home, you can hear the springlands before you see it, normally the “oi”, “**** off”, “****” and other such usefull words of wisdom, shouted at the top of their **** voices from the bushes by the by-pass and the tops of the many footbridges.
Friday and Saturday nights are always the worst, they always manage to stagger past my house in the dead of night talking like they are shouting, dropping their bottles and cans, flicking *** butts in peoples gardens and hurling abuse at anyone they see in a 100 metre radius.
As for the ***** in their “motors”, they manage to drive round with their big bore exhausts and music (loose term) so loud it’s no supprise the first thing to come from their mouths when someone speaks is “wot” followed closely by “wot the **** you want”.
I hate this town, not as much as braintree where I lived for 14 years, but enough to want to burn every **** and ******** in it alive.
I don’t understand it, I’m 28 yet I don’t feel the need to drive around all day and night annoying people while sponging off the taxpayer, nor do I feel the need to insult (or worse) innocent people just going about their business.
This country is becoming full of wasters, rejects, something needs to be done, yet don’t do anything yourself, incase you infringe some ***** ‘rights’.

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