Sturry and Hersden (Canterbury, Kent)

While Canterbury isn’t brilliant, it’s not too bad. A nice tourism industry, lots of friendly people. Maybe there’s a bit too many young ‘uns ******* round after school, but that’s because of the high amount of schools around the city centre. However, the estates in Sturry and Hersden are festering pits of unintelligent and violent little *****.

Sturry itself is fully equipped for a **** population: a large estate, a chippy and a few pubs. However, the ***** which populate this dung heap are barely a threat for most normal folk. The ***** are cowardly youths, who will not even start on anyone without outnumbering them 5-1, and violence is unlikely. Any small fights are ususally in the park, and consist of one group of ***** beating up an individual. The chippy and corner shops are friendly, and the service is fine, but at later hours become unavailable due to the sheer number of ***** wanting cheap food

Hersden is a different kettle of fish, where even the younger ***** will start fights to prove a point. Once, when i was a year 11 who went to school in Canterbury, i was threatened by a 12 year old on the bus to Hersden. While hilarious, this showcases the threat of the idiots and **** who live in the estates. In Hersden, there’s nothing to do, so most ***** just hang around the estates, waiting for someone they don’t like the look of.

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Unfortunatly, inbetween both estates is a small, quiet and charming village called Westbere, almost entirely inhabitated by elderly people. The nearby lakes and fields have become a haven for activity, with bottles half-filled with alcohol strewn everywhere and the stench of smoke sticking in the air

By: Anonyamous

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