West Midlands

At every corner, The **** servants of capitalistic Idols roam the streets in packs….

Streetly is but a small village that lies close to the Sutton coldfeild border and that of Walsall. The village itself is pleasant and has a lot of devote Christians and parks. However, its proximity to Kingstanding ruins this once tranquil village.
Hordes of the enemy bowl up the streets on their scooters and in their modified war trucks and cars and there is little that me and my kin can do to stop them. Their rally point is a local shop that is located across the Chester road and Bridle lane junction. At times they can amass up to 40 in number and once they grow weary of terrorising those who would shop for groceries and have expended all honour that they once possessed on begging for alcohol they terrorise the local area with their upgraded vehicles and motor bikes, attacking people at will.

Violent crime is on the rise, so is burglary as the **** **** expend their possible resources in their own desolate town of Kingstanding and spread to newer areas.
After overhearing a conversation between the pair of them, the local police are regarded as “outta order” Pronounced just so.
“If Constable Bennit were here he would sort em out”

(I understand that the author of the site does not wish such text speak, but please do not edit this as it gives full account of the dialect used by the Enemy, my apologies but this is what we have to contend with. Think of it as a sample or a field report)

Tis sad to think that these pair of girls who must have been only 14 already know police officers on a first name basis…

How grim is your Postcode?

We were once proud of ourselves. Happy and content, but now the menace threatens to destroy all of this and leave nothing but destruction in its wake. There is little me or my cohorts can do to stop this plague of stupidity and destruction… yet we find ourselves trying to win a desperate losing battle

We must all play our parts on the stage of war- All we can do is Prey that we are the better actors.

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