Written by Anonymous.

Next stop Stowmarket!
As you get of the train and enter a town of unknown you can tell straight away the town is occupied by Chavs by the fact there is a gang of 10-30 hanging around here nearly 24-7.

The next stop x-cell the night club. This as you imagine is a Chavs favourite part of the town. Then as you walk away from the train station and the constant “ay mate you got a fag” You go past the lovely Stowmarket church and the chavs can’t get enough of throwing there bricks through the windows.

Then as you walk into the town there may be a market on a Saturday or Thursday. As you walk past the bus stops the Chavs are there waiting for there Chav friends or smocking there worthless life away. Smocking away there money. As you go down the one road of shops you go past the first food shop of wimpy Chavs like it here as Stowmarket is deprived of McDonalds, Burger kings, and KFC. On Saturdays and Thursdays we are luckily awarded with the burger van! As you walk the road up to Asda more Chavs appear. “Ay you got a fag mate” is shouted. When you get to the entrance of Asda you think how I wish I had knocked some sense into them Chav scum! But then you realise you are out numbered by them and think I know…. Ill go to the skate park and get some mates to knock some sense in to them jerks.

As you get closer to the skate park there is normally a bunch of topless Chavs with some Chavets some times we are rewarded to a et fight or even to Chavs knocking the Sh*t out of each other. At night there are a load of Chavs with there alcohol and fags and still constant ring of “Ay you got a fag mate” “Ay you got some rizzles paper” Then you reach the skate park and it hits you the skaters here are Chavs as well smocking drunk idiots who should be beaten up.

The estates of Stowmarket are Tesco some of the population here are boy racers young parents some include Chavs. There are also two parks which Chavs dominate. The newest park was destroyed in days. The trees had been ripped out the ground, graffiti was every where, benches smashed, metal fences destroyed, and hearts of little children, who want ago on a slide, destroyed because of the Chavs.

Then there is the Chilton estate near the high school Chavs live here and boy racers also the new race of Stowmarket the Chav skaters. The teenagers here are mostly out of control with knives, lighters and alcohol. Fires are made on the big playing field.

There is also the council house estate where mostly young Essex girls live who have children and a Chav husband this is the estate of Chavs law might as well not exist here. I would hate to be here at night!

Then there the parts near the village of Stowupland, people deal pot here the biggest Chav lives here. He has been taken down for drunken disorder, drugs, violence attacks, robbery, and probably more. My mate has been beaten up by this guy! I don’t like him I have sworn at him and called him gay and he threatened to beat me up I when why not do it now and he said I would shut your big gob…. I GAVE HIM A PIECE OF MIND!!!!!!!!!

once I was stuck on a report and my teacher said I was the only person not to go in crying, that shows how hard those chavs are crying when they got put on report I spit on the cowardly vermin called Chav…

I could go on and say more but I think I have said enough. Only stop at Stowmarket if you want to swear at cowardly Chavs!


Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

  Written by Anonymous.

Deary me. I can hardly beleive that Bury st. Edmunds and Ipswich get a mention, and this hellhole dosn’t.
I had the missfortune of spending 3 and a half years of my young, and rather inoccent life in stowmarket, and i will recount to you of what I remember.
Being as stowmarket lacks anything to do at all, Chav culture was bound to eventually entwine it’s dark and evil tendrils into the local society. Being as there is no Macdonalds or Burger King, Chavs make do with a Wimpy, if you’ve ever heard of it. They spend their afternoons, mornings and nights patrolling the single high street, sharing their interesting taste in music with all the world. The need for something to do has meant that harrassing old people outside of the Local ASDA makes for good viewing, and provide light entertainment or our Burberry sporting friends
Worse still is the Huge Tumour otherwise known as the Chilton estate. Here, Chavs have successfully infected every road and lane, and their slammin’ ford ‘scorts can be seen in every direction, nearly hitting small kid form the primary school, or roaring up and down chilton lane.

One thing I remember very vivedly form my younger days was the small gang of Chavs at the time threatening to burn me and my friend with a lighter, and eventually throwing my hapless best mate into a thorn bush. Oh what finesse those bullies had. Such a shame i left them behind to rot in their own Chavvy waste-land, stuck half way up that Nova racecourse known as the A14.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018