Stowmarket, Suffolk

Many people view Suffolk as a tranquil and peaceful place, and whilst this may be true of the rural and sparsely populated parts of the county, wherever villages and towns are found (Suffolk has no cities!), this is certainly not the case.
The town of Stowmarket, with a population of about 15,000 people, is a breeding ground for that germ which is spreading through the country, *****, or as they are known round here, Gary Boys and Townies!
The same old story like ive read on the site, 13 year old girls, not just pushing their scroddy offspring through the town, but getting pissed in the dodgy nightclubs owned by dirty old men. Hair pulled back as tight as possible and burberry and Von Dutch caps resting gently on the backs of their heads! Fighting in the high street, just below my house, in the early hours of morning, screaming obsenities about who shagged who in phone box or in the skate park.
The blokes then just make me laugh, walking round town like they own the place, tracksuit bottoms tucked high in white socks like mock scousers (apologies to any Scousers!), or smoking **** like there the first people in the world to have a smoke! ******* round the Esso garage, or in the circle of benches in the high street at night, asking anyone if there selling drugs, and if not giving them abuse!
Its not just the young lads in town who make this a pain to live in, its the older generation of ‘boys’, who think there the ********, but are nothing more than grown up stupid *****, with the dress sense of a *****.
A fine example of stowmarket’s **** problem, during A level exams younger kids came in to take GCSE’s, no sooner had they arrived that phones were ringing and texts were being typed, and teachers to told to **** off. Granted, funny at the time, but looking back I pity these narrow minded fools who will never leave these sad little town!

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