West Midlands

Well as you might have seen, stourbridge has been quite well docmented on this site. Its no surprise judging by the number of ***** that lurk the dark, mysterious subways not to mention the amount of these filthy rodents who infest the numerous fast food joints.

Stourbridge in all its glory is not a ‘bad town’, most people will tell you this but for all its good points the ***** create several bad points. The most prominant **** ‘hang out’ is the illusive mcdonalds complex with subway sandwich bar within the vacinity proving that in stourbridge there really is no escape from the **** charver culture. On an even worse note, mondays are out of bounds because the local ‘youth bar/club’ , called the picture house is well reknown for playing dance music and hardcore rap to suit the taste of all underage ***** and beyond, well into the night making the town a dangerous place to be after nightfall because ***** from the local area, and surrounding towns flock in great numbers. My advice to anybody with sense is to get the bus home before 6 on a monday because if you try to get home any later, local **** gangs will be pelting you with a bombardment of slabs and large stones from the multistorey carpark next to the rundown crystal leisure center.

Much worse than the town center is the dominating park, mary stevens. This is a place that respectable people avoid at all costs, anyone brave or foolish enough to walk in there after 7 is lucky to leave unscathed. ***** congregate in large numbers to do there ‘dealing’. Put simply, if you want to get drugged up to your eye balls then go ahead, the park is the place for you, however if value your life id stay away.

The main problem with the **** culture in stourbridge is that there is a brand new breed of ****. Oh yes, the thing we feared the most, ***** with intelligence! i know its sounds very hard to believe but some ***** here in storurbridge have developed a primitive form of intelligence, the trouble is as with any **** they lack common sense and can be found hurling a wide array of abuse with their newly found vocabulary at anybody they believe to be outside their ‘social group’ so to speak.

If you ever happen to be cruising through the midlands and you come across the ‘welcome to stourbridge’ sign, turn your car around, grin and dont lookback. Ciao x

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