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what is in stornoway?


wannabe chav farmers driving tractors round town on the “lap” till 3 in the morning on friday/saturday night waiting for drunk inbreed women who are so drunk that they are falling over and puking, when these women appear the tractor slows down and the chav grabs the woman and then they have babies and get married it is kind of like grabbing in the g**o format but unlike gypos island men like to “keep it in the family” so often they grab there cousin or there sister depends who is the drunkest,

this unfortunatly leads to inbreeding like you have never seen beside there only 3 surnames used up on the isle of lewis and its been that way since time began, occasionally “incomers” come to the island but this has done little to increase or even regulate the gene pool this is mostly due to the 5 year rule its not writted down the rule no one enforces it they dont need to ill explain, what happens an incomer moves to the island incomer has rose tinted glasses on due to the fact the shop keeper was so nice when he was taking your money, after 2 weeks the entire island has been informed you have moved on to this island this means to an islander you are no longer a tourist you are an incomer big changes are a foot, The main one them dropping the front they put on you now see the island for what its like, A cold barron s**t hole with no economy inless you count tesco and the job centre. you now start to get pissed off that tax money funds this demented inbreed location you start to question everything you feel like going on a killing spree you start to belive you would be saving the uk both financlly and morally the inhabitants have no purpose they are a drain on society.Now when you feel like this will vary 4 hours to 400 max once you do you have two choices get the fuc k of the island or convince your self it will be ok. for gods sake please please leave asap if you convince your self it will get better you will die with in 5 year either you will kill yourself or kill yourself no one can survivr more than 5 years never has been done or will be done


basically the place his horrible its an island full of drugs alcholicics and scum you do also get to meet christian millitants who look to kill you by bible bashing you dont go there help me start a petition to get the uk goverment to nuke them off the face of the planet, it would save a super ned island from forming the more inbreeding that goes on the closer we are to having the first super chav with 100 fingers for increased shop liffting and touching up 6 cousins and or sisters at a time, not to mention ther 72 eyes


Stay away isled of lewis needs out of the uk

By: keith hamming

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