Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, West Midlands

What is it with them??? I dont think, unless you are a chav, that we will ever understand them. Why would anyone willingly degrade themselves? Why would anyone willingly wear tracksuit bottoms with socks over the bottoms with heels and lots of tacky jewellery???WHY!!! Why would they want to torment nice people? Why do they think that being a complete arse is the way to be? I hope they all over indulge on the BigMacs or stangle themselves with their hoody ties!!! As for stoke on trent well…..come and see for yourself….1/10 people actually speak english….1in 2 people wear hoodys….I dont feel safe here anymore, it really is scum and i cant wait to get out…and for those people who actually want to stay here forever….WHY?? Try somewhere else…I know it must be scary for you to leave the comforts of scummy stoke but please…dont become an inbreed…dont become one of them…now is your chance!!!!!! (Seriously…Stoke on trent is that bad!!!)

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, West Midlands

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking Stoke is a city, it’s just 6 towns with an attitude. An attitude that has spread like a rash on the stoke chavs.
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Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West Midlands

Yes,Stoke, a town like a cheap cocktail,where everything crap has been thrown into one place.
We start our journey in the Shelton area,mostly populated by university students who are obviously tired of living in half decent accommodation and want to live in squalor for a couple of years. Included here is the Sixth Form College, where all the young chavettes go for their beauty courses (I use the term loosely as most of them are as rough as a badgers arse)!

From there we go on to the luxurious destination of Hanley,capital of all things stokey.All the shops and fast food joints you could possibly imagine. Epitomy of this is the Potteries shopping mall.A favourite hangout for the stoke chav,you cannot move without bumping into at least one bloke called wayne and his missus Shaniece. Hanley proves to be popular to all for a night on the tiles,and due to the aggressiveness of the stoke male, this may just be where you end up!Yes, without fail you will see numerous police vans lining the streets as early as 7pm.
Best chav and chavette spotting place is LIquid nightclub,and my word what a night you will have. With everyone dancing to crap tunes by the likes of Scooter and Flip n’ Fill, you may be tempted to move downstairs to Jumping Jacks, where all the shitty music from the 80s is lovingly remembered, all be it in a club that looks like a Cowboy’s whore house!
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