Stockwood, Bristol

AvonSouth West

Stockwood, a suburb of Bristol has become what I like to call C**v Central. Coming from there myself and seeing Capital C**v Subs like Netley View Nr S’oton I feel qualified to make such statements. They hang out at the “top shops” they drink in the Harvesters,Concord
and the worst pup used to be the Antelope but thankfully after a thousand different landlords the council finaly got the message and demolished it earlier this year.The dirtiest chaviest w****r of them all has to be Simon Robbinson the local drug dealer and girl beater. Earning his true G**o/Poacher stripes when he poached a deer, told the landlord to f**k off and proceded to butcher the animal(the deer that is) in the cellar. His best mate has a hawk which he uses to catch rabbits. Proper Pikies Mush in a fasion that makes Green Grass look like a f****t catwalk male model wearing the latest of the season’s fashion. Stay clear of any flats especially on Dutton rd where more and more junkies are moving in and they are followed by the dealers.Thankfully Simon Robbinson who is a black kid born of white parents, they call it a
throw back but I think his Old Dear was speadin’ for another, is keeping the numbers of dealers lower than it could as he don’t like others moving in on his chance to ruin someones life and make some more money. Dordy,Dordy what fun it is to live in Stockwood,having 5 kids a fat girlfriend with oversized gold hooped earings and another bun in the oven. Shell suits are still in here as are puffer jackets and string (wife beater) vests with Hi Tech trainers. Past time hobbies are as follows…………
Glue sniffin’,gas sniffin’, stealing car sterios, setting off car alarms, hedge hopping, jumping from garden to garden, smoking fag butts found in the kerb, throwing stones at passing busses, climbing on garage roofs, breaking in to Robin Close flats and stealing thier lead from the roof,setting the back fields on fire during droughts, kicking stray dogs up the a*s, swinging cats round by tails and letting go when a car passes, jumping into the road with a mirror to dazzle drivers, mooning the old ladies on the bus(Which I think they like), taking jack russels rabbiting, stealing bikes to race in the back fields at 2 am, dodging police helicopters at 2am, going to the cock doc with a drippy dick, throwing stones at old ladies windows because you think they grassed you up to the police for puncturing tyres down by twisting a screwdriver, Oh yeahtaking browns and much much more. You have to be a very small minded individual to find yourself bored in Stockwood the new Artcleff.

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