Stockton on Tees (I WORK THERE!!!)

Stockton is a horrible place near Middlesbrough!! Being a Geordie Fella (Newcastle upon Tyne) and having relocated to Teeside, I have the misfortune to commute daily to Stockton from Redcar.

Both Towns are plagued with ‘Charvers’ who not only like to pratt/strut about on the streets but actually like to attempt to cause bother in local shops by shouting through the doors and running away when confronted!!!?

I can credit ‘Newcastle Charvers’ for actually having some hard nut fighters amongst them & for wearing proper ‘branded’ gear!!!

How grim is your Postcode?

‘Stockton’, ‘Boro’ and ‘Redcar’ charvs all wear ‘fakes’ & buy Argos cheap gold and have this bloody irritating habit of tucking their trackie bottoms into their socks!!!(normally white or off grey!)

Theres definately more of a drug problem in this awful excuse of an area, the ‘Charvs’ are definately more ‘Rat-Like’ in appearance and painfully skinny, they must have no wedge to flash on Maccy Ds!!!

For a better quality of Charver visit Newcastle upon Tyne and for the most laughable, softest, pathetic, couldnt fight their way out of a wet paper bag-est Charver visit ‘Teeside’.

I happen to have one sad ‘charver’ as a ‘next door neighbour’ aswell, I think his hobby is to strut sticking his skinny arms out and spit on the ground before slamming his way into his rented abode and beating his ugly girlfriend up!!!(everyone else on the street owns their house!)

In time I’m hoping to post some photos for this site of the **** in this ‘Kappa invaded’ area that breeds s*ite!!!

Piccys of my next door neighbour will be included!!!(provided he doesnt ‘OD’ on a tin of Butane lighter gas or kicked into ‘Her Majestys Pleasure’ before I get my camera into action!)

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