stockton on tees

North EastYorkshire

Stockton on tees, where the match was invented, played a major part in the prioneering of railway,and nestling next to middlesbrough in the so called tees valley, the hight street is c**v mecca with crap shops and crap bars, would not recommend it unless you are a redneck or wear a pink adidas tracksuit. ingleby barwick or spam city, one of the biggest housing estates in the country is money meets c***s, its for people who want a new house to keep up with the jones but is a cheaper and larger version of footballers wives or wynyard- do not get me started on that place, its where victoria beckham would feel right at home if david got transferred to hartlepool! Yarm 10 years ago was nice market town – now on a weekend its like venice- the local flee whilst all the drunken morens descend to hovelise the place for 48 hrs. Billingham – just a dump unless you live in wolviston. most or the national crap sykline associated with middlesbrough actually is in stockton. good points about stockton the a19 and a66 are near. has good university i think!

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