Stockport: An apology to the people of Sheffield

This particular article is specific to the group of ***** who occupy the Cheadle End at Stockport County. They managed to excel themselves last night (23/08/05) with an outstanding display of fuckwittery!

I have lived in Stockport for most of my life. For the most part it’s an OK place with the advantages of being close enough to Manchester to go for a good night out, and close enough to the Peak District to enjoy great scenery and outdoor activities. It’s got some very nice areas populated by hard working, successful people.

Stockport is also plagued with *****. Unemployable, spotty, undernourished, silly trouser wearing, bling toting *****!

How grim is your Postcode?

Last night they managed to embarass me to the point where I feel it necessary to put my feelings into the public domain. I am refering to the Stockport County v Sheffield Wednesday football match. Now I know that football always attracts its fair share of idiots but having been spoiled by Old Trafford and the City of Manchester Stadium, the behaviour of a large section of the Stockport fans at Edgeley Park apalled me. I am a long standing County fan even though I’ve not been to Edgeley Park for some time. Last night, the Sheffield Wednesday fans came in decent numbers, I’d guess at 750 – 1000 fans, and in my opinion it’s good to see them. They are after all, putting money into the County coffers. The response from the fuckwits at the back of the stand? A rousing chorus of “**** Off Wednesday, **** Off Wednesday” for 5 minutes followed by “We hate Wednesday” for another 5 minutes.


What’s the point you bunch of cretinous morons?

The worst part of all was the bunch of so called supporters on their mobiles outside the game, trying to coordinate an attack on the Wednesday supporters where they won’t “get dibbled”. I was amongst the victorious Wednesday supporters as I walked away from the ground and they were largely families and small groups of like minded people. I’d hate to think that these people, who’s only crime against the chavvery of Stockport was to attend a football match, came to any harm at the hands of these muppets.

I’d like to offer an apology to the Sheffield Wednesday fans who made the effort to come to our town. It was a terrible match and Wednesday ran out deserved winners. I truly hope that we are not tarred with the same brush as the ******* who have embarassed me, Stockport County FC and the town itself.

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