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These small villages have great reputations for being quiet country getaways, but this is rapidly changing. Living in Steyning near the high street can be hell. Every friday and saturday night all i can hear is random shouting such as ‘RRRHRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ and ‘F*****G’, it is so pointless and a huge problem, specially being somebody far different to them. The main problem is having long hair and listening to good music such as led zepellin, iron maiden, black sabbath, guns n roses and thin lizzy. The only thing they can say to us is ‘ mate, dnt u want a f*****g haircut’ , and it takes is us to say no thanks, and we get back in our faces, ‘ u fuking startin!!!!. in one case, my good friend, waz walking down the street, and a chav walks past and shouts, fukin goff, even tho he has blonde hair, and clearly waz wearin no make up, etc.. and had no resembelences to a real GOTH ( not goff). Not taking this ‘missunderstanding’, my frend pointed out to the chav that he wasnt a goff. Unfortunatly, the chav didnt like the fact that sumbody had insulted his dim witted knowledge, so the chav says to my frend, u wana fukin fight mate, so my frend goes, im a pasifist, can u plz leave me alone. in return the chav not noin wat a pasifist is, asks, wat is a pasifist, so my frend told him. After that the chav , goes so ur a pasifist, wat the fuks that!! u fukin startin ( my friend obviously confused, jus wlkd off, the chav kept pushing him but my frend ignorin the chav eventualy called him 2 leave my frend alone). from now on me and my frends are refferd 2 by them as the ‘fuking pasifist’…..nice to see they can come up with a constructive insult ( which in this case isnt even an insult)

Beeding is just like this, the mini chavs roam the roads, with the bottles of white lightning, and smoking, thinking they are something special, infact today, i drove past and saw bout 20 chavs crammed into a bus stop, around 2 metres squared. it waz completely ridiculous, they also seem to get insulted if you remind them of ther real age, i did once, and they asked if i waz askin 4 a fight??? wat is it with this progressive growth of little burberry s***s

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