East AngliaHerefordshire

let me tell you about stevenage town centre **** central they mainly hang around mcdonalds if there not stoping people asking for money or **** there mc ing a loud of **** that dont make sence thinking there the best mc that ever lived some times i wish i could get away with shooting them thats the only way to clean the place lol then youve got the waterfounting and the steps where the real low lifes hang out its either full of smack heads round that bit or low down drunks ramblin on about how **** there life is oh by the way dont go into the toilets underneath the steps if you dont wanna get mugged by a junky or acidently get stabed by a needle on your foot then youve got the dss again full of junkies ***** and low down drunks thats the place where they try to get loans for there beer or drugs then theres asda i was walking pass there 1 friday night and there were these morons 15 year old ***** they must of had 5 bottles of asdas own cola throwing em all around the car park shounting massive massive is that the best thing they can do on a friday night anyway bye for now

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