Stechford/Kitts Green, Birmingham

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Located in the east of the city and only 15 mins drive from Birmingham City Centre, Stechford is **** paradise. It is sorunded by Alum Rock (a prodemintaly Asian area), Shard End and Tile Cross (both **** paradises).

Here you will see such sites as teenage moms, blasting Eminem ringtones on their mobile phones while pushing their **** babies in cheap and nasty prames dolled up to the nines in pink nike tracksuits and cheap “bling” from Argos.

**** lads can be seen ******* around Stechford Retail Park outside Matalan or outside the local post office and Coral’s the bookies on Glebe Farm Road. Like the girls, they are dressed in nike trakkies and fake bling.

As you venture round Glebe Farm Road, you are subject to abuse, ***** running round outside the shops chasing after each other, and just torrid sights in burberry.

There are a total of six, yes SIX off-licences in the area all within minutes of each other, some of which serve booze to underage *****. This is an excuse to cause trouble and have the police round every now and then. The many off-licences have caused an increase in anti-social behaviour.

The **** also hangout at the Glebe Farm Recreation Ground, where there is the odd burnt-out car, outside the Kitts Green chippie especially during the summer months casing grief to the local shopkeepers.

The 14 bus-stop on the Kitts Green Road is full of graffiti. There you can reach fine pieces of literature such as “Daz has shagged Stacey Green” or “Chris is a *****”, in which a majority of these words are misspelt or look as if they’ve been written by a child. This stop has had five lots of windows put in, in the past four years!

Regarding the 14 bus service in the area, a young girl flashed her breasts at the driver, and two girls who started touching each other up and then inviting two boys from Alum Rock to have *** on the bus. We were close to losing our only bus service thanks to the **** in the area. Once on Audley Road, some ***** threw a brick at the bus that smashed a window, and if it wasnt for it being half-empty, someone would have died.

If you are coming back from somewhere in a taxi or car in the early hours of the morning, you’re certain to find ***** as young as 11 on the streets causing trouble.

There is one secondary school in the area called “The International School”. None of the younger ***** round here go to school, as you see them around the streets at lunchtime or causing trouble in their school uniform. It was faced with closure last year but a miracle happened when it got good GCSE results. Many of the older residents and the respectable ones believe the results were rigged to make the school stay open.

This school is the worst I’ve heard off. Formerly known as “Sir Wilfred Martineau” it is just a stupid school. My sister who is a **** and married one and got up the duff atteneded it and the teachers don’t know how to teach there at all. They believe all humans decended from Adam and Eve! Urban legends are the norm in English lessons, even Myra Hindley is on the cirriculum!

One thing that gets me here, is the amount of 30+ ***** you see around. These guys haven’t worked a day in their life and are just spending their time at the bookies or ordering sarnies from Greggs.

A worrying thing is, the BNP polled about 1 500 votes in the 2005 election and did worryingly well in the local government ones last year. However these ***** listen to music by artists like 50 cent (****), Eminem and the like, the outdoors are mainly owned by Asians yet the support the BNP!

None of the ***** are educated round here, and the local library is an excuse for them to use the internet and search for “crazy frog” ringtones and ****.

Stechford is probably the only place where you can smell cannabis on the streets. It’s a foul smeel and you can’t do anything about here.

That sums up Stechford well, so come to land of teen moms, cannabis smell on the streets and 11 year old ***** causing havoc at 3am at night.

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