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If you are thinking of moving to Harpenden Common or just want to know a what the area is like, the statistics on this page should give you a good introduction. They cover a range of socio-economic factors so you can compare Harpenden Common to figures for Hertfordshire and nationally. These statistics can tell you if Harpenden Common is an economically deprived area and how hard it might be to get a job.

Harpenden Common Benefits & Unemployment Statistics

These figures on the claiming of benefits in Harpenden Common come from the Department for Work & Pensions and are dated . They can often be a good indicator of the prosperity of the town and possible indicator of how hard it would be to get employment in the area. The rate of unemployment in Harpenden Common is both lower than the average for Hertfordshire and lower than the national average, suggesting that finding a job in this area maybe easier than most places. The rate of claiming any benefit (which includes in work benefits) is more than 10% lower in Harpenden Common than the national average, suggesting higher salaries than the average in the area.

Jobseekers Allowance (only)%2.1%3.3%
Incapacity Benefits (IB or ESA)%1.7%2.4%
Any Benefit (includes in work benefits)%9.4%13.5%

Harpenden Common General Health Statistics

The respondents of the 2011 Census were asked to rate their health. These are the results for Harpenden Common. The percentage of residents in Harpenden Common rating their health as 'very good' is less than the national average.

Very Good0.00%50.90%47.17%
Very Bad0.00%0.85%1.25%

Harpenden Common Age Distribution Statistics

The population of Harpenden Common as a whole, is younger than the national average. However, population of Harpenden Common is older than the Hertfordshire average.

Age 0 to 4%6.6%6.3%
Age 5 to 9%5.9%5.6%
Age 10 to14%6.2%5.8%
Age 15 to 17%3.9%3.7%
Age 18 to 24%8.1%9.4%
Age 25 to 29%6.3%6.9%
Age 30 to 44%21.7%20.6%
Age 45 to 59%20.1%19.4%
Age 60 to 64%5.6%6%
Age 65 to 74%7.8%8.6%
Age 75 to 84%5.5%5.5%
Age 85 and over%2.3%2.3%
Mean Age3939.3
Median Age3939

Harpenden Common Immigration Statistics

These figures for Country of Birth for the residents of Harpenden Common are from the UK Census of 2011.

United Kingdom%86.6%86.2%
Rebublic of Ireland%1.1%0.7%
Other EU Countries%3.7%3.7%
Outside the EU%8.6%9.4%

Harpenden Common Education Statistics

These statistics are for the highest level education obtained by the residents of Harpenden Common and are from the UK Census of 2011. Harpenden Common has a lower level of residents with either no qualifications or qualifications equal to 1 or more GCSE at grade D or below, than the national average.

No Qualifications%18.2%22.5%
Level 1%13.8%13.3%
Level 2%15.7%15.2%
Level 3%11.8%12.4%
Level 4%32.1%27.4%

Harpenden Common Social Grade & Occcupation Statistics

Social grade is a classification based on occupation and it enables a household and all its members to be classified according to the job of the main income earner. Harpenden Common has 20% less Higher and Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional households than the national average.


Harpenden Common Property Ownership & Rental Statistics

Harpenden Common has a lower rate of home ownership (via a mortgage or owned outright) than the national average, which suggests that Harpenden Common is an economically deprived area.

Social Rented (Council)%9.2%9.4%
Social Rented (Housing Assoc)%9%8.3%
Private Rented%12.1%15.4%
Rent Free%1%1.3%

Sources: Office for National Statistics & Department for Work & Pensions.

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  • handy105

    We have big problems in Harpenden esp now that they only collect the bins fortnightly on a rotation basis and the bin cleaning companies are so busy its hard to keep the inside of those large bins squeaky clean.
    But its not just the bins-its the worry about whether little Henry will get into the school of his choice so that he can stay with all his pals. And on top of that there’s the problem of getting in and out of all those coffee shops and exclusive boutiques with the latest baby buggy. Although the new models are very slimline, there are just so many mummies cramming into these Harpenden shops now that space is definitely at a premium. The same is true on the roads. Why on earth aren’t parking spaces bigger and why do they have to have all those white lines? Can’t a drop dead gorgeous mum with her 2.4 children and their new Azita puppy park her 4×4 wherever she wants-afteral hubby IS a chief executive somewhere in the city and she HAS to get to the PTA meeting tonight-AND pilates after?!!
    As you can see the list of social problems in Harpenden is ENDLESS. We also have a major problem with cyclists and joggers. Whole families go out on bikes at the weekend -all with their cycling helmets on-its a real nightmare! And large groups of joggers can suddenly ambush you on the pavement -sometimes even outside Waitrose-its very intimidating. And we have a terrible problem here with young people who cycle on the pavements. The police turn a blind eye to this sad state of affairs and on a daily basis people with walking sticks and zimmer frames feel threatened as they slowly go about their grocery shop. It is unnerving too for the lovely sporty mums who worry about their stylish new buggy getting scratched.
    Worse than that some areas of the common or Rothampstead park even are awkward to walk your pooch on because of all the personal training sessions going on. The dogs of course want to join in and it can be frightfully embarrassing. Fortunately most of the good citizens in Harpenden have got the hang of picking up their dog poop so that’s one of the great pluses of Harpenden-except we could do with a few more doggy bins and I don’t think they give out poop bags free anymore like they used to-the recession has had far reaching effects on Harpenden too!
    So you think you’ve got problems Gravesend? You wouldn’t last a second in Harps! And as for CHAVS-well we have our fair share of male chauvanists too I can tell you?- I’ve met them-holding doors open for me at cafĂ© Nero when I’m an independent woman-meh! I’m working now as daddy’s PA-Naah! Chauvanists IS what you mean isn’t it?!
    Anyway, I forgot to mention the real scumbags of Harpenden-these people drop litter and don’t keep their hedges regularly trimmed. Its an utter disgrace! AND the police don’t do anything about it when you report it-makes one want to move to Tring or Berkhampstead !

    • Harpo Massive

      u wan sum