ok, STAPLEY, so you have a newly built large estate fully of wealthy rich people with really nice houses and friendly atmosphere, its cheshire equivalent to to newport CA but underlining this lovely area is the what i like the call the invasion of the mini **** era – aged from 11- 16 our mini ***** favororite weapon – eggs robbed from there new home they love to hang around aimlesly, the local shop, opened for only a year many banded already.There favorite mode of transport – there nike air branded feet aswell as due to popular demand to there parents the wonderfully over rated ELECTRICAL scooter. living on this estate with there wounderfully oblivious but lovley parents that have no clue to how they spend there time in the freezing cold just minuites away from there homes, they ponder through a back ally to enter the also wonderfull **** invaded nantwich. this my dear **** loathing chums is how they spread. spreading the news of new toritory to invaded. these little insiders inforn the older yet not so mature ***** like a member of the ‘hard ***’ family that rally around to inform the other members that a local momma’s boy has kicked off on him. Unlike the older ***** police seem to have and effect on these little blighters they actually seem worried. its amaging how different they seem aswell as when they are with parents. its like they have skitzophrenia, its strange yet amusing.

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