Stansted/Elsenham, Essex

East AngliaEssex

Smallish town Stansted & nearby Elsenham both have a decent amount of **** that loiter with intent of looking stupid. Stansted has its main problems at their railway station where several dozen can gather and light the area up with their sovereign rings and rope chain necklaces and bracelets.

Nearby Elsenham, also have a generous gathering around the village. Mainly to be seen by the station( what is it with railway stations?) and at a monument opposite the villages strip of shops. Events such as harassing the general store keeper and in fact assaulting him. Are seen as fun. Again they sit proudly upon the benches spitting and smoking ‘bob hope’ sipping weak lager stolen from their parents pantry.

The also toddle from the station towards the monument in a kind of ‘circle line on the tube’ manor. They are often calling eachother in nicknames that would suit a USA biker group and have enough gold to keep the bruvs in the hood happy as well as Hinds the jewellers. Take care My son : )
They bounce in their trainers and swig from bottles of Becks, intimidating folk who get off the trains. Also scuffles break out between other youngsters who refuse to become gold, label clad, burberry cap wearing *****. These will, of course, be 5 on to one thus ensuring **** victory. They enhance this modest pretty Essex town by at least keeping it mainly to several areas. It goes without saying that spit is a popular floor covering as is the word ‘bruv and son’ as well as the common useage of ‘**** n **** in normal conversation. Still we were all young once but this lot can only look back in embarrassment. Be lucky bruv : )

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