Living in Stamford, Lincolnshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Midlands, Lincolnshire

Welcome to ‘sunny’ Stamford, a quiet market town recently named as the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times. A picturesque existence steeped in history awaits the weary traveler, as does the town’s fine selection of traditional pubs and enticing restaurants. It seems that nowhere in the country could a more pleasant abode be found – but how much longer before sunny Stamford becomes ‘scummy Stamford’?

Despite Stamford’s peaceful appearance, the town is actually in the midst of repelling a chav invasion of potentially massive proportions. Unfortunately situated to the North East of Peterborough and flanked by Corby and Leicester, Stamford is an oasis in a rising sea of cheap tracksuits and boy racers. With Peterborough only a single train station away Stamford has become an easy access for cities less desirable inhabitants, leading to an increase in robberies and shoplifting incidents in the town center. Worse is the impact on Stamford’s relatively sparse nightlife – entire taxi loads of geared up chavs and chavettes are shuttled into the town centre every Friday to make the most of the relatively uncrowded drinking holes, leading to smashed windows and fist fights on the regular. This disturbing influx has already begun to influence the town’s own youth, who are beginning to show signs of early onset chavitis. Symptoms include underage drinking, playing shitty tinny music from your mobile in public, and even battle cries of the dreaded “INNIT BRUV!”.

It is hard to tell what the future holds for Stamford, although rumours have begun to spread of a resistance of a dissaproving middle class militia ready to utilise the town’s many historic churches as boarded up defences against the oncoming chav-zombie apocalypse.

Perhaps it’s time to move to higher ground, we hope you enjoyed your stay.

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  • WHewitt

    Stuck-up or carries themselves with pride? Pretentious, or a bit too expensive for you? A Daily Mail readers idea? Or a broadsheet readers daily life, dreaming of an ancient MARKET town or actually living among 16th/ 17th century architecture and design in a town with roots dating back to the Romans, who would rather not be associated with the generic reaction the rest of Lincolnshire has unfortunately created for itself.

    How dare you criticize housing for the wider population that allows families and children to live in tranquility and history of Stamford which has been enjoyed for close to 2 millenia by so many before. Not sure how much more history you could want in a place and if you’re going on holiday to Stamford in the first place it says it all really. Return back to the filthy county from which you came!

    Don’t start beef you cannot cook.

  • Matthew Hewitt

    God speed the incomers, I say. Stamford is one of the most miserably stuck-up and pretentious places on the planet – a Daily Mail readers’ pathetic idea of what it must be like to live amongst the dreaming spires of an ancient University town and one they are ashamed to admit is actually in Lincolnshire.

    That it already has an extensive social housing estate (built in the 1960’s) just a few minutes walk from the town center seems to have escaped your notice, as it conveniently does that of estate agents and the tourist board when attempting to sell the wretched place.

    • WHewitt

      You’ve got beef with Stamford Matthew?

  • haha this article did make me laugh! I have some friends from Stamford who would probably agree with you about the ‘chav invasion’. They also tell me that the high street used to have a number of independent shops and now its all chains. Nice places don’t stay nice for long I suppose!