Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East

I found this site whilst surfing the web. I checked your top 10 first, and then had a quick browse through recent archives. I was pretty suprised that my chavinated town, St. Albans, was not included.
I’m a year 11 student, and almost have to fear for my life when im walking to my friends around the corner! I remember back in the days of year 8 when everyone was cool, there wasnt much pointless violence. A year passes and suddenly i have to be very cautios of where im going.
I’m told, by parents, keep to the public places. Well the most public places are, naturally, the high street and parks. One end of our high street is dominated by a Macdonalds, the front half of which is infested with chavdom, im suprised teh tables aren’t branded. I can no longer pass into that place for a quick bite, without getting assaulted.
There’s also the local youth club, which every saturday night has ‘decent’ amateur bands playing. Its a good social occasion, anyway. Back in the day you coudl catch a breath of fresh air down there, once youd got a bti hot. But now they have to have no re-entrys, to keep about the 75 sane people in St.Albans safe.
Every day you hear about someone being attacked or chased by kevs in this town. The place is infested with mopeds, and now the new mini-bikes.
I can’t even go to Morrisons to ghet some food, without taking a life-threating risk. Its pointless having parties, because every chav in Hertfordshire knows each other, and they all come down to gatecrash, and if u dont let them in, your a dead man.
Man I hate this place.

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in United Kingdom

Oh my gosh! What a vile little city! The amount of cap wearing thugs this place breeds is horrible. The thing is, they actually think they’re better than normal Chavs because they think the name St.Albans is held in high regard. The McDonalds on the highstreet is a well-known Chav meeting point. The highstreet also contains the standard J-D Sports and not two minutes away you have your Allsports.
A walk down the highstreet shows the high teenage pregnancy rate, with young mums a plenty pushing their prams and chatting loudly on their mobiles, shouting at Dwayne or Tyrese.
The after-dark hangouts for Chavs are Longacres (A shitty little park), The Wreck (opposite Safeways) or for the girls that think they look old enough because they’ve caked their faces in cheap make-up and put their best Elizabeth Duke gold on (bought from the Argos on the Highstreet), they’ll go to The Vintry to look for “bwoyz” and prospective fathers. The boys aren’t as anxious to go in as caps are not allowed.
Then you have areas like Jersey Farm which, the less said about it the better.