st helens scum

MerseysideNorth West

what can i say about st helens, i’m a 21 year old student, like any student love to have a good, time, if that’s what your after, st helens isnt the place to go! after many years of travelling to sthelens, you can garantee there is always trouble mainly over f all,  the girls are hidious and the lads are thick as f*ck, not to be big headed when me my friends walked into a club, straight away people knew we were scousers b4 we even opened our mouth, it’s the way we dress and look, wooly back girls are jealous so feel the need to start sh*t probably by saying something along the lines of, "wot f**k u lookin at" or "stop lookin at ma fellor" please luv what would i want with a smackead, no teeth, clothes too small, sh*t shoes, cider drinkin scruff? .
 i worked in a sport shop in st helens when i was younger it was a well known one, i dont know who was worse the g***s that come in or the wools? theyd walk in eatin the mc donalds, ask for a shoe whilst spittin gurkin in my face—- not good!!! the things that made me laugh is grown men would sqeeze ther size 9 feet into a 5n 1/5 boys shoes just so he didnt have to spend more money walkin round the shop in them lookin cripled hed say " ya ill tek em theyll soon wer in" yea im sure they did he probably wore them to the job centre plus to claim disability because of the limp! also men would squeeze into extra large boys  clothes, if you ever see a wool with half mass pants thats why, sleeves up ther arm, and still they buy it because there g/friends tell them it looks riiiiite nice, ye they stand there in there fake lacoste trackies hair scrapped bk so tight there eyes pull, orange faces, tan marks on the collar, lip liner up to their nose, looking at womans nike gym crop tops, shoutin accross the shop, some stupid nickname for their boyfriend e.g moooooooooooney ya reckon this look gd wif sum jeans, cud wear it for shaznys weddin! he then replies "ya hows much" mooony its 10r, "nah put bk too dear" ava look in f kids section!!!! talkin about kids, they all seem to have names like shazny, mckenzie, roshell, caprice, ashannti, ect typical chav names, has ther 1st drink,fag n spliff a month into bein concieved, once ther born ther shoved into jeans and hoodys, fake burberry hats and ther ears pierced and paraded around st marys market, wile  they wait for there little chav to be phtographed for the sthelens star baby of the year, wich in the summer they annouce at sherdly show another great asset to ST H, this is where every chav is to be seem chav men meet chav women have chav babys he then runs off with er m8 chav2 as another chav baby they she runs off with his chav brother wich ends up somewere along the line as in bread!!!!! in bread born n bread!
  there is soo much i could write thinking about it now it makes me feel very sick!!!!!

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