St Helens – Parr

MerseysideNorth West

Hi – i have read the post about parr and i have to say its terrible! I dont come from parr  but bought my house here – its the only place we could afford and i knew the area would be bad when we moved here HOWEVER I REFUSED TO FEEL VICTIMISED BUT some of the post is utter rubbish – what has this person done to try to alter things bugger all i expect.  I LIVE on MOUNT PLEASANT – and if you dare to tar me with the same brush your off your head! I’m the fool that bought a new house there so am thought to be rich!  There arent gangs round here now! WHY because I complained! to those people who apparently take those young kids up the arse!  How vial! How dare people sit here and complain without getting off there arse to DO something.  If your prepaired to sit back it cant bother you too much more people need to get involved and say what behaviour is acceptable and whats not – I havent put my self in danger,  and i most certainly am not a chav – there are a select few that blair music out and there are youngsters that play in the street and people smoke crack on the streets its a sad sad sorry state but IT IS NOT AS BAD AS THIS PERSON MAKES OUT compaired to 12months ago when we moved here I could even call it peacefull at times and not just before mid day before the teens have woken up!

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