St Helens

MerseysideNorth West

Never have I ever came across a town as ******, horrible and bitter as St Helens. They do everything in their power to try and be scouse, and fail miserably due to their downright disgraceful accent and their awful dress sense. Dirty Kappa trainers, Gola Trackies, Mckensie, Henleys, Hi-Tech. Name any awful make, I can guarantee I have seen it in St Helens. They absolutely despise us scousers, so they say in their own small, unknown town, but once in Liverpool, they walk round with their heads down scared to say a word. I can honestly say, they are the biggest flappers in the world, and only act hard when in a big group in their own town.

Complete and utter **** of the earth, with the biggest chip on their shoulder about scousers. The place should seriously be nuked.

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