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This is written in reply to a Rhyl post and I thought we should have a St. Asaph section as Rhyl is a million miles (well 3 miles actually) from St. Asaph.

Well, I live at the top of St. Asaph and it ain’t so bad chav-wise up here once you get past the Bryn Dinas pub – in fact you may never see a baseball cap and bling unless they are being worn by a deluded, harmless 40+ year old dressed to look young by his / her partner.

Most of the action seems to be in the bottom and middle of the town – frequent scraps in the Red Lion at weekends with occasional spillovers to the Bryn Dinas Landlords can get involved too !

The Kwiksave is being converted to a (more upmarket) Somerfield which should discourage to chavs from hanging around the car park – in and on top of the bus shelters seem to be where most of the chav action takes place.

I don’t know about the top half fighting back – what we’d really like is a border gate on the bridge so they’d have to wade the river to get up here.

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Wales

Ok Rhyl was taken, so i’m goin to go into the joys of St Asaph.

Basically this place is divided into two by a hill, there is top of the hill and bottom of the hill (incase you haven’t guessed). Top of the hill is ok, just rich kids getting stoned in the cathedral car park or school. But occasionly the slow moving life of the stoner is disturbed by a group of chavs venturing up hill pissed on cider and probally wishing they lived in Rhyl or Holywell.
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