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Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Derbyshire

I was going about my weekly shopping over at Spondon Asda the other day when I witnessed something absolutely disgusting and horrific. What did I see? I saw a middle-aged Sikh fella wearing a Turban, down at the ‘electronics’ aisle. Now if you’re not a racist bag of sh*t, you may be wondering what I saw that is so disgusting. Well I saw a young boy, aged about 6-7, asking his chav father why there was a ‘p*ki’ in the store. Absolutely horrified, I glared at the chav father in utter terror as he stared back at me with an expressionless face.

I’ve lived in Spondon for about 5 years and I have witnessed ignorant and mindless racism countless times by mostly-whites. As a white myself, behaviour such as this absolutely pisses me the f**k off. The amount of times I’ve had to stick up for Blacks, Asians, Indians and Pakistani’s all due to the fact that some intolerant, racist has thrown abuse at them is absolutely pathetic. We are living in the 21st century, do we seriously still have to put up with people like this? I’m absolutely over the moon that I’m moving to Newcastle next month. Anything to get away from this low-life bag of crap known as Spondon, most of the people here are absolutely tragic and useless.

  • Al

    Spondon provided me with one of the most unintentionally funny moments in my life.

    Arriving early for the funeral of my mate’s father I had a look around the centre ( I use the word loosely). High up on a wall, in large letters, was the legend: ‘ SPONDON GOES INTERNATIONAL’

    Seemed a pleasant enough place, but, if I may use the lingua Franca of our Cockney cousins – someone was taking the Gypsies.

  • Pdflyks

    You accuse someone of being racist, then refer to them as a chav. You, my friend, are a bigoted

  • Danielle

    Wow just wow. Most of the people in Spondon are bloody lovely! Who’s to say this man and his child are even from Spondon? People do drive and use public transport to travel you know.
    Ignorance at its finest!