spalding (lincolnshire)

East MidlandsLincolnshire

well what can i say about spalding? (nothing funny thats for sure!) for the cultured **** spotter they could do no worse than come to spalding as this town is crawlling with the little gits.
what do i mean? well let me explain.
toi the untrained eye spalding isno more than a quiet market town but scratch beneath the surface & you’ll find a town overflowing with ****’s & ********’s.
let’s start with where they can be found shall we? head to the queen’s road?royce road area of town & you are sure to find the little s$%^’s ******* around there (normally near theskate park) you’ll know when you’ve found them due to their cry of “ere mate got a spare ***?” & if you answer no then it’ll be follow’d by “why not you gay C&*t” once you’ve seen all you need to see of them in this area then why not head into town(?) where you’ll find that rare & v.strange beast “the older ****”. these will be easy to spot as they normally trudge round town in pack’s of 3-5 & are aged between 21 – 29 & will usually have a ******** (about 17 years old) with them with a push chair/pram & 2 – 3 screaming little ****’s with them. then you should spot the cruiser **** who will be aged about 21 & “driving” around in a ratty old “fall over” nova (that’s about 2 mot’s away from the scrap yard) with cheap (read nicked) alloy’s. i have a lot of experinece with this type of ned due to the fact i used to be one (some years ago i might add) & i have not long had a run in with one of these due to the fact that he didn’t take to kindly to “his bird” eyeing up my car instead of his & there fore he felt insulted & challenged me to a “drag race” through town & then into the country side. didn’t he realise that his nova was totally out gunned by the car i was in? (a 5year old bmw 325 sport that i worked & saved hard for over the past 5 years!) any way to cut a long story short he lost & then claimed “that you better gat out of town fast before my boy’s catch up with you” let’s put it this way they never did & i’m still here in town waiting for then.

this is the first part of my story about spalding as i am currently in the middle of my research into **** culture & i have managed to get myself into deep cover within the **** world so i will keep you posted on my finding’s as & when i can. keep ’em peeled **** watchers.
this is agent stez signing out
see ya!!

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